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Old School Prize Hunter Valentine 2015

Feb-12-2015 PST


Enjoy is in the air, as Valentine's earnings to Prize Hunter.

Pick up some kind of special love and hate themed Valentine's rewards, from 00: 00 UTC (activity time) on 12th February right up until 23: 59 UTC on 16th Feb.

On the several times, you can get increased petals on Cherish Hunter, or through skilling, combat and daily difficulties in online game.

Simply click your petals to start up a RS Gold Valentine's prize interface. Here, you may decide to scatter or smash increased petals, completing the love or hate bars correspondingly and unlocking rewards as you go.



Aegis of Devotion

Ardent mace off of-hands

Efficiency emote

Lover's medallion


Bulwark of Revenge

Heartseeker crossbow away palm

No Longer emote

Hater's medallion

Crown from the Decreased

Completely fill each night clubs and you'll open the crown from the dropped. This illustrious plastic headpiece might be changed in between adored up and destructive appearances: Cupid's halo and demonic horns.

Entire Lotta Red roses

You may also use rose petals to get incentives from previous Valentine's situations. Click on the shop icon in the user interface to view.

Got a bit of additional petals? Stock up on adore potions, which supply you with a 2Per cent XP improvement in a randomly expertise for 5 a few minutes, and everyone in the vicinity by 1Percent. This could be prolonged as much as half an hour with several potions.

Rose petals pile inside your products or perhaps your budget port, and they are tradeable. Be sure to use them up before 13th March, though, as they'll be gone from the game after then.

Notice: should you desire not to acquire petals by means of skilling or battle, you could possibly speak with Young lady Niya or her dual Evil Niya in Burthorpe.