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Offer a free Tshirt for runescape members

Jun-13-2013 PST

Recently, our Old School community has launched a Runescape vote, in which 10 players suggest slogan will be added to the three fashion OSRS T-shirt design. The vote is under way, let's look at that a slogan will get the highest votes!

You can get these limited edition clothing through the following several aspects:

Method of determining the is in today to June 16, 2013 to buy 12 months during the period of membership, will have the opportunity to choose three t-shirts. You will not only choose your T-shirt, but you will also ensure that the next 12 months, according to the current speed into the Old School -- and 12 months access to the main Runescape Runescape game.

In addition, every day in the next 10 days, we will choose those who enter the us on Facebook the winner of the competition, get a free T-shirt. Most important of all, Twitter, there are always present, so please be sure to according to our JMod Twitter accounts involved in there.

Don't forget: took advantage of this offer, you must have a registered account email address, so that we can send you the coupon code for your free T-shirt. You can be in our website ( ) for more Runescape Gold information.