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OSRS events over the coming weeks

Dec-13-2017 PST

2017 has been a fantastic year for Old School RuneScape and our Rsgoldfast. Thank you for your support and we hope you can still to support our. We will going to celebrate this holiday season with you, Rsgoldfast Christmas Big Sale will coming on Christmas eve. We look forward to with you over the coming weeks!


Here is the time schedule for OSRS events.


1. 12 Days of Dragon Sleigher will begin from the 25th December


2. Dragon Slayer II will released on the 4th January


3. February will primarily be a QoL month and focusing on Old School's 5th birthday


4. March we'll be looking at the next round of Deadman game modes alongside Easter.


In short, we hope you all have a fantastic Winter break. And don't miss the OSRS Christmas event 2017. Tomorrow, we will give you some OSRS Christmas event 2017 guide. Make sure you keep an eye on our web. More OSRS Gold for sale on here.


Rsgoldfast Team