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OSRS Wilderness Rejuvenation II

Dec-22-2017 PST

Recently the Old School RuneScape announced that the Wilderness Rejuvenation II and list of items during early 2018.


Currently, the content achieved its desired impact of improving Wilderness events, and members of the PvP community have largely praised the content. they believe still something could be better.

In addition to the OSRS Wilderness Rejuvenation II, OSRS also has been committed that some major issues with the update during early 2018.


1) Adjusting the Revenant graphics.


2) Addressing the drops within the Revenant Cave to better align with the polled GP rates.


3) Rework the Mage Arena 2 boss mechanics to make it feel more challenging.


4) Completely recreate the Mage Arena 2 boss graphics with new assets.


5) Nerf the Twisted bow’s effectiveness in Mage Arena 2.


6) Expand on the story and ensure Mage Arena 2 follows typical lore.


7) Consider enhancing the power of charged God spells vs the Mage Arena 2 bosses.


In short, OSRS will give the surprise for us during early 2018 and we still believe they will do better. If you have any ideas from Wilderness Rejuvenation II, you can go to OSRS forum and give your suggestions. At last don't forget Rsgoldfast Christmas Big Sale will come in tomorrow, using the Coupon Code"MCS6" buy the cheapest OSRS Gold and RS Gold you inneed. Merry Christmas !


Rsgoldfast Team