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OSRS Volcanic Mine and get the Roll Hoop Snakes

Sep-30-2017 PST

This week, OSRS has made improvements in volcanic mines, but you can go outside the island to the scrolls, many players’ attention.


Improved Volcanic Mine


According to the player's feedback, made some improvements


1. You can lift the upgraded version of the fertile soil spells on the lunar spellbook and get 40,000 points. (note: needs Volcanic ash and the runes to cas)


2. Get rewards with an additional 100 points from mining a boulder to the whirlpool in the Volcanic Mine.


3. Mine XP has been polished by 10% .


The best things is you can roll Hoop Snakes anywhere outside the Fossil Island. Enjoy the changes to Volcanic Mine and the Hoop Snakes And buy some cheap Cheap OSRS Gold, RS07 Gold or others on Enjoy your game!


Last one day , code: BTS3.


See you in October!


Rsgoldfast Team