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OSRS Upcoming Update Fossil Island Underwater and Mushroom Forest

Aug-11-2017 PST

Fossil Island, an upcoming update to Old School Runescape with underwater and mushroom forest, is an expansion to the Varrock museum and will explain the Godwars story. The island is located on the north of Morytania and provides a unique uncharted environment where playes can train the mining, farming, hunter, crafting, agility, fishing and theiving skills.


Underwater Air Mechanic, Fishing, Agility and Thieving


You are required to wear diving apparatus and abandon fishbowl helmet as well as manage your oxygen carefully to access the underwater environment. You will return back to the surface of island if your oxygen reaching 0%.


You are required at least 47 Fishing and 44 Hunter to start the underwater fishing activity. Within this activity, you will get XP in both skills. The XP is approximately 40% of the xp you'd ordinarily get through other methods, but gives it in both hunter and fishing at the same time.


You are required Thieving skill to open chests, clams and looting, which grants you Thieving XP and Agility XP.


Mushroom Forest Prayer training, Bird house traps and Tracking


You can get Prayer XP from pyrophosphate and calcite. You also can capture birds from bird house traps. There is tracking activity on Fossil Island with temporary placeholder graphics.


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