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OSRS Make a serious statement about Deadman Autumn

Sep-28-2017 PST

Since the Deadman finals, someone has been discussing some things that express their dissatisfaction, including: targeted DDoSing, allegations of staff favouritism, broken game mechanics, and unfair disqualifications. Yesterday (September 27) OSRS issued a serious statement.


As follows:


1. With some allegations, they can not prove any of these allegations, because it is indirect. But they promised to develop a guide as soon as possible to protect your IP and avoid individual DDoS attacks.


2. About the staff favouritism. Every decision is decided by Old School team. No employees have competed in any competitive gaming event, and no one have profited from any prize money awarded.


3. The red island was warned repeatedly, And has warned the player that the fight will lead to disqualification, but the result is making a tough decision at the moment, which need some time.


4. The last survivor has been disqualified,the winner was responsible for the creation of a bot farm. About the prize money, have plans to cooperate with charity or carrying it over to the next season and other. Team members are discussing.


All in all, The Old School Team is really very hard and attentive. Hope that more people put forward their ideas and feedback to them, let the game getting better and better .Need more OSRS Gold or Cheap Deadman Gold at


Enjoy your game!


Rsgoldfas Team