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OSRS King of the Skill competition begin

Nov-02-2017 PST

King of the Skill competition has begun, Now, five players have got 99 level in the skill Firemaking, and the top 1 has won 26,416,974 XP currently. You should join as soon as possible.


A few days ago (October 30 article), we will introduced if you perform well during the OSRS King of the Skill competition, what rewards can you get. Today we must tell you some precautions.




1. The King of the Skill will finish at 12:00 UTC on November 30, 2017, you can only login to these servers for 24 hours game play at most.


2. Under 18 years of age, Jagex requires them to provide offer their parents’ contact details to verify the consent and claim any prize.


3. The winner will be determined by the score of the due date.


4. At the deadline, the player with the highest level in each skill or the total level will win. and the same level players, get the most XP will win.


5. Be careful of the counter on screen, showing how much of the 24 hours you still have.


Hope you have a good performance in the OSRS King of the Skill. Don’t forget you can use the Coupon Code, more cheap RS 2007 gold offered on our site


Enjoy your game


Rsgoldfast Team