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OSRS Dragon Slayers 2 more reveal

Sep-26-2017 PST

Prepare for the upcoming update to Dragon Slayers 2.This time Jagex has revealed more about OSRS Dragon Slayers. Let’s us watch the video. (here to watch) The Dragon Slayer 2 reveal is from 32:54 onwards.


Dragon Slayer 2 will lead you in the game, visit the old and new places. Along the way You will find more interesting stories of heroes and the new legends. Now whether you expect, complete challenging tide, through more horrible dungeons and face those more powerful enemies. Dragon Slayer II will be a new Grandmaster task that requires a high level. For such a challenge, those who can complete the task will certainly get a lot of return.


Myths Guild maybe add


In addition, maybe a new guild the Myths Guild added in the game, and The Myths Guild is located on a small island south of Feldip Hills.


You can see in the guild:


1.A bank (with deposit box and poll booth)


2. A kitchen containing a range and a sink


3. A garden with 4 Magic Tree


4. An armoury containing a shopkeeper and an anvil


5. A mine including 4 Adamantite rocks and 2 Runite rocks


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Enjoy your game!


Rsgoldfast Team