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Jun-10-2015 PST

Jagex Games Studio Freators and Custodians of the Fantasy MMORPG, RuneScape have set free a rallying necessitate applications to old skool RuneScape’s debut competitive tournament. Players will currently register their interest within the contest, that runs rsgoldfast twenty four twenty six Gregorian calendar month and contains a total money prize pot of $10,000.


The tournament can incorporate 3 totally different game modes: King of Capitol Hill, initial to X kills, and Last Team Standing. Eight groups of 5 players can battle across the three day competition, which can be hosted within the kin group Wars space of old skool RuneScape. groups are elect supported their eSports pedigree and game ability, with the complete epic confrontation tournament broadcast on line.


The competition is that the highlight of a packed summer and time of year for old skool RuneScape, which can conjointly see the launch of 2 new killer bosses the Abyssal Sire and Cerberus in addition as a recent player vs. player (PvP) mode: Deadman. This latest mode offers new and existing players the chance to expertise a hardcore version of the sport, wherever all area unitas of Gielinor are PvP enabled, and players risk giant amounts of in game wealth and skill.


This summer, we tend to can’t wait to adapt old skool RuneScape for the eSports community and watch groups battle their thanks to conclusion during this inaugural $10,000 competitive tournament, same Mathew Kemp, product manager on the sport. We’re conjointly wanting forward to seeing however players tackle the unrelenting challenge of Deadman Mode later within the summer, in addition as seeing however they advance against the 2 new killer boss monsters.


The old skool RuneScape tournament, Deadman Mode and killer monsters area unit all a part of a wider summer spectacular across the RuneScape family, that started with this week’s arrival of Tuska the globe Eater within the main game. Read More