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Normal Maps and augmented Texture Resolutions

Mar-25-2016 PST

Probably at the highest of our options list would ought to be traditional maps and higher-resolution textures. These 2 enhancements along would offer the foremost visual bang for buck when NXT is launched.


Normal maps would offer the looks of a lot of geometric detail within the sort of surface normals, to things presently look terribly flat once lit. this is able to have the effect of transfer out far more lighting detail, particularly with the new lighting options that take surface normals as inputs (i.e. irradiance, close occlusion, improved reflective, etc).


However, there square measure 2 major challenges facing North American country once it involves traditional maps. the primary is that the huge endeavor of really manufacturing the from high-res versions of all the present models in RuneScape, several of that don’t even exist! The second is deciding the way to fastidiously introduce them thus to not destroy the visual continuity of the sport. There’s additionally the difficulty of augmented GPU memory, however this could solely have an effect on players with terribly recent machines.


The second of the texturing enhancements comes from allowing artists to form higher-resolution textures. For the foremost half, artists square measure presently restricted to making textures of resolution 128x128 resolution, that is extraordinarily low for a contemporary game, particularly as some games currently support 4K textures! Even doubling the resolution to 256x256 would offer North American country heaps a lot of texture surface detail to play with, however in person I’d prefer to see North American country go even higher. Again, the challenge here is that the same like traditional maps: production of high-res textures, augmented GPU memory necessities and continuity across the sport world.


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