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Ninja Graphical Skillcapes Updates About Pyramid Plunder


The Ninjas have been sprucing up Skillcapes and Polishing Pyramid Plunder in today's two graphical updates. Chameleon extract is the latest addition at Solomon's Store a marvellous substance that lets you change your character's skin colour. Finally, we've got some further details of the Questival a lore tastic fortnight of community events starting today.


Last year, a poll passed to update skillcapes, and in the follow up poll, you opted for a full overhaul to their design. As of today, the iconic capes have a whole new look:


There's an added feature, too, as the hood traditionally bundled with the capes can be attached to the cape, so it shows hanging at the back. You can of course detach the hood, if you'd prefer to wear it as usual.


Pyramid Plunder

The Ninjas have also turned their attention to Pyramid Plunder, giving the minigame an updated environment, complete with moody, atmospheric lighting. A fresh embalming's done the guardian mummy the world of good:

Pyramid Plunder


Solomon's Store – Chameleon Extract

Time for a bold new look? A few dabs of chameleon extract might be just the ticket available today at Solomon's Store! Each pot of extract gives you one skin colour change, which lasts until you visit the Makeover Mage to undo it. There are a range of hues to choose from, too 23 in total, from striking red to subtle violet.

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