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Ninja Fixes Will Release From July 10

Jul-08-2017 PST

Yesterday, Jagex felt sorry for the unfinished work in Runescape. However, Ninja fixes will release from July 10 as usual, thanks to the additional developers and testers.


After Ninja updates, Progress bars in the Menaphos reptuation interface will show the percentage of progress within the player's current tier, rather than always showing progress from 0 reputation. Monkey knife fighters will give camouflage fragments and strange rocks when thieved from, and will give a chance of obtaining the Dojo Mojo pet. Jagex also add an option to toggle off obtaining any experience from guthixian butterflies by speaking to Orla Fairweather and giving stackable items to Summoning familiars will work correctly.


Mod Shauny has added numeric values to Queen Black Dragon's health bar. The Summoning bar now displays a different colour for special move points in EoC combat mode. Magic abilities will appear unavailable in the spell book/ability bar if the player does not have the runes to cast them. Ranged abilities will appear unavailable in the ranged book/ability bar if the player does not have the appropriate ammo for them. Clue scrolls for locations in the Chaos Tunnels will be removed, players will need to complete any clues that they have leading to the Chaos Tunnels before the update. A fairy ring will be added to the Kharazi Jungle. Players will be able to split Attack/Strength and Defence/Constitution abilities regardless of the status of their action bar lock.


In additon, on Tuesday, 11th July, Jagex will speak out the detailed changes they have already made.


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