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Nex Angel of Death Coming on 22th July

Jul-17-2017 PST

In the early of July, Nex: Angel of Deat had updated. Have you missed her? Recently, Nex: Abgel of Death has been revealed to be coming on 22th July this year.


Where can you find Nex: Angel of Death?


Nex: Angel of Death is a powerful general of Zaros fought in a new encounter distinct from regular Nex. She is located in the Ancient Prison beyond the hidden door in the south wall of the bank/lobby area.


Four requirements of Nex: Angel of Death


Here is four requirements of Nex: Angel of Death, such as a frozen key, level 85+ combat skills, ancient ceremonial robes and Shard of Zaros. Frozen key is to enter into Frozen door. Shard of Zaros is to prevent aggression from the faction members. Ancient ceremonial robes is set to bypass 40kc requirement.


How to fight with Nex: Angel of Death?


Click on the Hidden Door and join the instance of the designated host. In the center of the arena there is a Mysterious Energy that begins the kill. Don't touch the Mysterious Energy. Only the host will begin the kill. You should distribute yourself among the four quadrants of the arena.


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Rsgoldfast Team