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New task of Life and death in Runescape World

Nov-09-2013 PST

Wealth from Friday on November 8th screaming, you'll see two new masks, up for grabs.A representative, the jackal head Kharidian Icthlarin of god's death, his sister Amascut, goddess of destruction.Kill an enemy, mask any at the same time, there is a chance, their souls will be close to your body.In the torture of mask Icthlarin, this would be a lost soul.Interact with it, to conduct safely to its final destination - pray XP bonuses, you will be rewarded.


If you have already equipped with hunger Amascut mask, however, you will see the soul of a delicious.Eat it, you will get the same big killer in XP.Each partial film let you guidance or devour soul, 20 then can wear beautiful.Please note that they will automatically become the cosmetics two weeks later, at the end of promotion, so until then, be sure to use them!


In addition to the mask, you will find the same theme of cultural relics.Sarira Icthlarin and relics Amascut work in a similar way, falling stars - pray and respectively Slayer - twice as much as possible bonus XP, but grants you!In addition, their bagging prayer and slaughter lamp promotion process, mean 1.5 times normal XP.Whether it is a skill and use of prismatic light, you will receive the same 1.5 times XP bonus!


Masks and cultural relics (Friday) from November 8 to November 18 23:59 GMT 00:00 GMT (Monday). Everyone has at least one spin, through games every day can make more Runescape Gold. Click here to find out how. If you want to learn more, you can buy here, in the game, through the redemption of the bond, or by clicking on the "add spin" wealth the scream of the interface.