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New Super september challenges and new items Super hero Teleports and Hitsplats

Sep-09-2013 PST

Weekend challenges


September 6th 2013 challenges: Bulldog, Run from the Wilderness wall to the deep Wilderness wall without dying or teleporting. September 7th 2013 challenges: Schmooze, Talk to 10 different signature heroes, kings, queens or rulers. September 8th 2013 challenges: Soul Searching, Complete a game of Soul Wars.


New Teleports and Hitsplats, suitable to all Runescape players. Should increase a quick mention Solomon made up of three stores, earlier this month, they as a superhero September promotion foil. Is the key to be able to change hitsplats comic book style 'ping! "Bang!" "Batman type bubble, and you will be able to buy two new point: a superhero flew away before modification, and 'inflation' teleport, make you angry, change your leaping away from the former, a rough beast. Incredible!


Behind the game update, we hope in the future a month. However, it is just a plan - rather than a promise - a special kind of way, or in a specific time, specific updates will be posted. As soon as possible to give you update of the highest quality, we always keep the correct adjustment and testing, until the moment before the release, so sometimes things change, and takes longer than expected with Cheap Runescape Gold. We are not afraid of change our plan, if necessary, we will never is ready before you start the update.