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New Solomon store for all of player is coming

Sep-07-2013 PST

Overhaul to Solomon's general store is here, the loyalty program members successfully to reside in its has rich stock returns. Now, you can take your loyalty points in a wide range of projects, some of which have won great graphics update, looks better than ever before - you have to buy the loyalty of the project is included. Loyalty to store clothes, cosmetics to cover now, and you can through the wardrobe interface.


You can also access your member loyalty program information directly from Solomon's general store. Just click of a mouse, you can view your loyalty points and details on how long, your members in a convenient location. Loyalty program members have also been rework, how do you earn loyalty points: anyone who is a member of the year to receive a unique landmark award with much of Runescape Gold, more projects for many years for membership.


Please note that this is just the loyalty of counting plan since the first went to the scene, so no one will be more than the first two items today.DE Renault from di Jonathan unger, in the village market, do you have qualifications can apply for any project milestones. Subscribe in consecutive months of players are rewarded loyalty points. Xuan still exists, now, you can be accessed through the market stalls, Solomon's general store. He will help you to find the missing ring and heavy variety projects.


This change marks a new and improved mp era of loyalty program, more content, plan for the future to get the Runescape Gold. We would like to thank you for your patience, and we work polishing this exciting updates. We know that many of you are disappointed delay, so please accept our apologies. We hope you enjoy using the combined new shops.Due to this change, the player's pledge loyalty programs are stored in the dragon box will launch the updated pledge to return key.