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New Slayer Dungeon Coming with Menaphos in June 2017

May-11-2017 PST

Runescape players attention! Menaphos Slayer Dungeon will arrive in June, 2017. With the launch of the Menaphos Slayer dungeon, the Slayer skill cap will be increased to level 120 and three new Slayer monsters will be created. Are you ready for this new update? Rsgoldfast is your best choice with cheapest price, fast delivery and 100% guarantee.


Date & Location


A new Slayer dungeon will be added in June 2017 which will be located in Sophanem.


120 Slayer


New content will be added such as the player being able to become their own Slayer Master and create their own Slayer assignments. Levelling from level 99 to 120 Slayer will take around 150 hours with an average experience rate of around 600,000 experience an hour once the level cap is raised.


New Slayer monsters will be added in 120 Slayer which will become a Completionist cape requirement. However, players will be given at least 3 months amnesty, until the release of the second in-game area expansion in September 2017, to obtain the requirement.


New Slayer monsters


1. Abyssal savage (requiring level 95 Slayer to kill)


2. Abyssal beast (requiring level 105 Slayer to kill)


3. Abyssal lord (requiring level 115 Slayer to kill)


All of these will be options that players will be able to choose in place of an abyssal demons task. As with regular abyssal demons, the effects of darklight and abyssalbane ammunition will work against the new monsters.


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