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New RuneScape drop rates

Dec-06-2017 PST

Do you still remember the Dev blog: RuneScape drop rates on the forum in September( click out ) . Recently, some new RuneScape drop rates will revealed and covered all of the major bosses and a lot of popular content. Now you can see the drop rates of pets, items and more.


New RuneScape drop rates as the following


1. Abyssal Hound


X/150,000 drop rate for every 5 worlds, where X is the end world of the group of 5 multiplied by 5.


2. Monkey Skull


1/30 chance to roll the “rare Zombie impling table” whilst opening/catching a Zombie impling;


1/100 chance to obtain a Monkey skull on the rare Zombie impling table.


3.Thinker Boots and Gloves


1/500 chance to obtain either Boots or Gloves from a Crystal Impling;


6/20 chance to roll on to the “Fallback” table of the Motherlode Maw; on the “Fallback” table, there is a 1/85 chance for both the Boots and the Gloves separately.


4. Vinny


1/100 chance on completion of Wisps of the Grove D&D.


5, Rune Dragons


1/256 chance for a random combat style tier 90 boot component from Rune Dragons and 1/196 chance from Elite Rune Dragons.


At last, there will be a blog about Skilling Pet chances on Friday 15th December. You will see the major skilling methods and a little explanation of the different methods of calculating pet chance.


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Rsgoldfast team