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New Quest River of Blood Vampyre Series Conclusion

Apr-26-2016 PST

This theyek they summary the majestic Myreque quest series while using the climactic River of Blood. You’ve follotheyd the tale through every insidious twist now invasion seems the only real outcome. A proper send-off employing this epic tale of vampyres and freedom fighters is really as, so sink your fangs in and luxuriate in!


Also now, tool up popular, as Solomon’s Store fills its shelves with new ornate theyapons!


The epic Myreque quest series involves a head in River of Blood. Vanescula indicates her true colours that's poised to invade Misthalin, crossing the River Salve utilizing a newly immune army of vyres. Rush to King Roald and resolve a hazardous conflict that threatens all Gielinor. Are you round the task?



You will be presented the conventional quest points and Treasure Hunter keys along with following specific XP rewards: 50,000 Firemaking XP, 50,000 Fletching XP, 50,000 Mining XP and 75,000 Herblore XP

Blood Essence


Completing the quest could even provide you with standby time when using the brand-new defensive pocket slot items blood essences. They are much like auras but obtain own cooldown and charge while using the congealed blood drop which can be earned by killing Morytania creatures (especially

ravenous ghouls). They have a constant passive effect along with a stronger, short-term, activated effect for those times when you actually need a defensive boost. Further explore the ability of blood essences by burning vyre corpses within the Columbarium once you have completed River of Blood,

but they’ll allow you to discover regarding this for yourselves!

Unique theyapon


Your next reward continues the Myreque series tradition of discovering netheyr and theyapons. It is a new and augmentable (post-quest) two-handed blisterwood theyapon for every combat style, but utilizing a small twist…

XP Tome


Finally, as utilizing a the majority of the previous Myreque quests, you could even obtain a multi-use XP tome, granting reference to the the skills inside the choosing. If you manage to earn and rehearse it in this month of April, it's another use just as one early bird bonus!

You may also know the full patch notes for today's update within the forum thread.


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