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New November event is coming again

Nov-07-2017 PST

Christmas is still more than a month away,but RuneScape made us feeling the Christmas already arrived. The new November event :Going Like Clockwork is coming to next week.




From November 13 until November 26, 2017. Now you can prepare himself for the frantic festive.


Event Content


Santa is not at home, Eira the head elf has been left in charge. They have stolen all the pieces of Santa’s prized clockwork toy and hide them around Gielinor. Eira Genie collecting all 10,000 clockwork. Eira in Burthorpe, by Skilling, PVM Get Wristwatches, completing Daily Challenges and catching snow imps.




Give the collected clockwork to Eira, maybe you will get the following gift.


a) Snowverload plush token,


b) Mammoth plush token,


c) Penguin plush token ,


d) Buddy pet token,


e) Christmas lootbeam token,


f) Rubber turkey,


g) Off-hand rubber turkey


The above prizes came 2014 RuneScape Christmas, if there is any change, we will update it as soon as possible. This month, we will not have Thanksgiving event, but Black Friday is coming soon. More cheap Runescape 3 Gold and OSRS Gold all in rsgoldfast.


Enjoy your game


Rsgoldfast Team