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New Items Slayer Masks in Runescape

May-03-2013 PST

Update: to increase the chances of winning killer mask and XP lamp, and 1.5 times the killer XP won lamps. Except the found was also repair these past few weeks, there is no better time than now to go into the game, and started to kill people! Five new mask has been the arrival of the goods, each theme around a particular killer monster (crawling hands, cockatrices, basilisks, kurasks and abyssal demons).

Armed with a mask and, on the basis of it, you'll find your statistical battle optimize biological attack, damage by (if you are a relevant task killer), and extra killer XP! Each kill ten creatures, you will get double the drop counter - there is a convenient, tell you how many have been taken so far to you two times, may land the cup down. More importantly, put each of the masks, can ensure that once a day - your next killer is the representative of the distribution of the monster. You can also use it to creatures can be found, twice a day, it will mirror shield as masks or (snake and snake monster mask).

After specified kills, will no longer give Runescape Gold XP, extra damage or double down, but you will unlock a new form of "steering" ability to switch your mask. At the helm of form not only look more cool, it makes great expression of biological characteristic. If you don't have enough hands, even the most seasoned killer, both regular and specific Slayer XP lamp output 1.5 times killer.