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New Interface System Alpha of runescape is living

Apr-25-2013 PST

Our new alpha version of the interface system (NIS) is now the gold and silver club, as well as the new registered his interested in Runescape member of the Beta program. If you have a chance to try the new interface system of the custom functionality and other enhancements. First of all, we advise you to scenario behind video watching our bonus, filled with from ThatJim advice about how to get started:

Log in Runescape and start! First, will let you set up according to your habits, in here, you can free adjustment, reorganization and experimental what you want. You will also notice some adjust camera system. From which Angle you role can be seen as slightly lower than in the scene of the game, you can use the mouse wheel zoom in and zoom out more closely than before. Now, alpha Java client runs on a dedicated server, and it can save the game progress. Next time you log in to the alpha can import it and continue your game.

As we in the alpha stage, there will be fault, performance problems and errors. Please report the bug you see with bug reporting system in Runescape, like Runescape Gold drop, Items drop, because we are in development and testing, it will be a great help. Your feedback is our most important. We are glad to new interface system is forming, but also have as much as possible for players to play Runescape.

Please go to visit for more Runescape  information.