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NXT Closed Beta Weekend eighteenth March 12 universal time

Mar-05-2016 PST

NXT Closed Beta Weekend | 18th March 12:00 UTC


The next NXT Closed Beta weekend kicks off at 12:00 universal time on the eighteenth of March, ending on the twenty first of March at 12:00 universal time.

If you have had continuous membership since thirty first Gregorian calendar month 2012, or you are presently a Gold Premier member, you’ll have another likelihood try the new game shopper.


As before, your feedback are going to be essential in making ready NXT for unharness, and also the Gamebreaker title is on the table for prolific bug finders.

When the beta goes live, they'll announce it within the website’s news feed. you will be ready to transfer the newest version of the shopper from 10am.

Save the date, and acquire prepared for an additional weekend of wonderful NXT 'Scaping!


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