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More details to improve the loyalty program

Aug-14-2013 PST

You will soon be able to spend your hard-earned loyalty in loyalty stores not only, but also for some large projects in Solomon's up to general store. Behind the scenes of the articles mentioned in the department of defense recently, mark, loyalty to the store and Solomon up to merge! On August 19th (Monday), loyalty to the store will be closed for a week. Ready to open again in this period of time, as part of Solomon, you will use your loyalty points to buy some project Runescape Gold.


In addition, access to your loyalty program information will be easier than ever before. Without access to the porch place or label game client, simply open the Solomon as much as general stores and direct interface to view from the shop. On top of this, using the existing LPS clothes are a graphical upgrades, will be available through the interface customization covered in cosmetics.


Please be sure to look at how we update the loyalty program is in addition: anyone who is a member of the year receive exclusive milestone reward, more complete, for many years the members to follow. Subscribe for two consecutive months of several players who get the loyalty points, grant every six months a huge amount of money for members. For more detailed information, check out the official FAQ. We will update and release new loyalty schemes and improve the members of all the details, when we launch!