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Menaphos is voted to be the favorite update in 2017

Jan-15-2018 PST

In a recent survey, Menaphos has been chosen as the favorite update of RuneScape in 2017. The Menaphos has been available since June 5, 2017, featuring in Sophanem Slayer Dungeon, Shifting Tombs, and Faction system. In the meanwhile, 4 accompanying quests: The Jack of Spades, Crocodile Tears, Our Man in the North, and 'Phite Club were released too.


There are also some updates in 2018 that you can expect. At least 6 quests in 2018 including Pieces of Hate. This seventh and final quest in the Pirate quest series has been rescheduled to release some time between February to April.


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