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Members only task to take the bacon home

Jul-02-2013 PST

For the past 12 years, we've been thinking about whether to join bacon. Yes, I know! The fact is, always has a lot of things need to do cooking skills, and so if we are going to introduce the bacon to Runescape, yes, we have to do it. Back to bacon really makes all of the tasks of Runescape so special. You don't need arch Nemesis or powerful demon world diet, make a fantastic story. Sometimes, you just need some crazy NPCS and good English humor.

It is a around the comedy and bacon, design tasks, and light dark comedy, and crispy bacon. Is the content of the main tasks for low-level players, but the reward will help you quickly upgrade, the rest can be used to climb all the way to the class of 84 all kinds of skills. These awards is one of the largest types of familiar, and the level of players, and selective support ability, including restore prayer points. Also have piles of smoked meat and other delicious pork products, can cure more than 10% of the living than the comparable levels of food. Overall, this is the pursuit of an old-school, we hope you will like the new incentives. Perhaps some of you along the way even other love bacon hamateur cook meat!