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Members only strategy on Bacon of Runescape

Jul-11-2013 PST

Today, we provide a classic exploration experience RuneScape. It's full of humor, and a low level to level 80 fantastic rewards, can use of course will include a lot of bacon. Eli bacon is a seclusion, morally dubious farmers, until an unfortunate accident exposed his meat sweet secret for a long time. Pork is proved out after cooking is delicious.

However, a few locals are trying a new meat products is clear one thing: if pork is not informed of the world know, the number of pigs will be quickly and mercilessly swallowed. You can persuade the world pig is better than food for certain aspects? You can do it with eli bacon as suspicious breeding method to use? In the world and pork with Onions are? All of this in this article.

Success will earn you more is not only an expanding waistline. Once the task is complete, we will offer fantastic rewards. Is one of the most important three new summon familiar: spiritual war pigs, pig spirit prayer and spiritual package pigs. The three familiar battle assistance, mobile prayer recovery and beasts of burden. You will be able to collect the ingredients, you need to do these kill pig, found in the eli's cellar and pig farms around the world.

They are also the only summon familiar, can expand your increase levels. Call if you have level 44, crafts and buildings, you can upgrade in the basement of the eli, raising pigs intimate friend. In these three skills to the class of 84 will be another upgrade. These upgrades will make any pig intimate friend you better in your role - strong in battle, restore prayer points more, or have greater carrying capacity. Most importantly, you will become a customizable pigs with proud pet owners. According to your actions in the process of pursuit, the pig's default appearance will be different. This can be adjusted for the change details (see wikipedia), in the basement, Renault market master gardener Martin said pig name can be changed.

Don't forget, you also have opportunity to gain the king's meat as a breakfast of champions. Bacon in the cellar of eli kill pig, acquisition is a very large food commonality. Bacon can only used for cooking, can also with the improvement of your cooking level, use more raw materials. Baked pork pies, or even can be brewed into Pigswill beer, it presents a two-level booster of agriculture temporarily, in a brief power, equivalent to the loss. There is a requirement for level 74 cooking bacon products range. It is also noteworthy bacon healing health food 10% more than the equivalent food at their level.

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