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Members only BOSS battles of level 90 wizard is ready

Jul-03-2013 PST

Vorago is the most difficult boss that we made. Although we always say, but this time it is - when we have developed a new high level of boss war, our first goal is to give your mother is a challenge. This one is no exception. Vorago is a very strong boss, that it takes a real special group to defeat him.

Vorago is Gielinor creatures, it is by the planet, and the surface is covered with rock formation of the spirit world - an armani-branded mondy. He wants to know more about the recent incident shocked the world - especially if god began to throw their weight around - challenge the world's most powerful hero, seems to be a good way to warm up. Vorago is one of the most beautiful NPC we ever made - if you haven't check out the latest of the BTS video. His design, animation, and he lives in the environment, is really amazing thing. He also cracked some new audio support, make the whole experience of battle he is rather unique.

Each Vorago conflict occur in different stages, each stage to learn and master new tactics. His attack is dynamic, which means that they can change depending on your use of his tactics, skill and ability. In addition, he got a lot of special surprise, his rock sleeves, and some of the attacks, can spell died on the spot, even tenacious adventurers. You need the best equipment and statistics, if you want to have the opportunity to the ferocious enemy, you have to think quickly and used as a team work environment, your strengths.

Get the rewards like Vorago is impressive. We are introducing a new class of 90 magic weapon - the best magic wand and damage the ORB, there is also a level 90 demon armor needs high Runecrafting skill levels to create materials. There is a super rare new pets up for grabs!

Have a nice game life.