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Members and free players Dance practice

Jun-25-2013 PST

We have strengthened the some high level, further distant place a magnet network destination directory, put forward the bundling other useful changes to the transportation system of Runescape. It's easier than ever to resolve Gielinor, which means less time to run, and have more time to play. Unlock a magnet network has seven new destination. As usual, these once and activation of stone, it will be just a teleport spell it the family:

Canifis, Eagles' Peak, Fremennik Province, Karamja, Oo 'glog, Tirannwn, Wilderness Volcano

Please note that only volcanic wilderness blinking is available for free agents. It is also important to note that you can't be attacked in the wilderness, until you come animation is complete. Blinking into the wilderness, and you will get the same warning, will you be in crossing the wilderness feet on the wall. Blinking these new options, and other content and implementation of the new collection we also proposed to improve the existing transfer option work way. In most cases, this is a transfer option, otherwise will be pass to you closer to a new lodestone, only if the additional cost increase additional value:

Nardah teleport scrolls have become Pollnivneach teleport scroll, and need you just south of Pollnivneach Wells.

Now Kharyrll teleport spell out Canifis bar - close the bank.

Glory amulet teleport to Al Kharid, now you Shantay pass.

BWO Wannai teleport scroll, you now need to slightly closer to calquat patch.

Rellekka lyre - now transfer you to the town near the pier.