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Mega Rare Drop Table in OSRS

Mar-23-2017 PST

Because the rare drop desk in old school is quite bad as well as outdated currently. Generally there comes a suggestion regarding Mega Rare Drop table on OSRS reddit. RSgoldfast believes it is necessary to share a few desirable ideas along with you together. Besides, please try the coupon "Tom", then you can purchase rs 07 gold cheap with 3% off through us.

There should be brand new “Mega Rare Droptable” in OSRS

The actual player’s suggestion is not only buffing current RDT. There should be new “Mega Rare Droptable” which may have drops which range from 50K to 1M while averaging in around 300K.

Possibility of hitting new super rare table ought to be quite normally such as 1/100 but with engagement ring of wealth opportunity to hit mega uncommon table would improve something like 1/25. This could force you to industry between gp or even XP while PvM.

Advice of the Drops

Normal drops through Mega Rare Table should consist of mentioned alchables, materials, sources and supplies. Player’s suggestion for the Falls would be Dragon Hasta and Dragon kiteshield half or each halves as these will be online with RDT unique.

What is your opinion about Mega Rare Droptable?

You can interact with all of us via 24/7 service. Hopefully we can turn out to be life-long friends as well as support each other permanently.

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The RSgoldfast Team