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Meet Count Check clue scrolls reward caskets

Oct-17-2016 PST

The in-game hub of Customer Support Week may well be a new character called Count Check. Have a chat while using the fanged fella while using the Burthorpe lodestone to discover how secure your hard earned dollars is.


Receive a no cost XP lamp for the troubles and go back to him every single day during the week to get a new clue scroll. Each clue scroll will test out your skills for your max, but additionally has a twist. Upon completing an idea you’ll receive two prize caskets – one opens effortlessly, this process locked.


Only the adventurers with secure accounts can unlock this second casket. Do so by enabling a bank PIN and activating the Authenticator.


There certainly are a total of seven clue scrolls, meaning you will get up to 14 awesome caskets if your hard earned dollars is as secure as possible.


Please understand that free players will likely be only be in a position to access free-to-play items from Easy clue scroll drop tables. Members can receive rewards from Easy, Medium or Hard clue scroll drop tables, with rewards that scale at higher total abilities.


Don’t worry in case you miss each day - you are able to head back to Count Check each day throughout the week to speak about any scrolls you’ve missed. You can then complete each one of these whenever you like.


Count Check will leave Burthorpe lodestone for every brand new location from 23:59 UTC on Sunday 9th October. He will be available to speak with about account security and could give you an XP lamp in case you didn’t get it during Customer Support Week. However, he'll 't be giving any missed clue

scrolls at this time.

Watch the live stream and play a unique version of The Drop


The stream will mark the debut inside the support-themed version of The Drop which then becomes playable every single day in game by speaking with Count Check within the Burthorpe Lodestone until 23:59 on Sunday 9th October.


Answering all 12 questions correctly will grant you the title of “The Knowledgeable” plus one admission to win an incredible RuneScape goody bag. Note that just one entry will likely be given per account, even in case you win the quiz often.


The winner within the goody bag will likely be informed on Thursday 13th October by an in-game inbox message.


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