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Mahjarrat Memories

Apr-04-2014 PST

Carrying on our lore filled March, Mahjarrat Memories is a new miniquest for those who've discovered the secret history of Koschei the Deathless.



During its course, you'll be given a device which can collect and store residual memories lingering in ancient places, and will be tasked with gathering those of the Mahjarrat: some you'll know well, such as Sliske, Lucien and Azzanadra, and others you'll never have met before. This miniquest will give you a deeper insight than ever before into the Second Age at the height of the Zarosian Empire, making this a real treat for lore lovers.


Rewards include both regular and bonus XP in Divination an in-game book, filled with the memories you'll gather during the quest; a cosmetic override for your head; and an amazingly cute bobblehead pet, styled after a certain megalomaniacal Mahjarrat. On top of all that, you will also receive an item that could be very useful during the Fate of the Gods quest.