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Lunarfury Armour in Runescape

Apr-06-2017 PST

Recently, Jagex has announced that players in Runescape can pick up a Lunarfury Armour on 10th April. But pay attention to the currency items. With the update of the game, it can't be traded on the 24th of April. Howenver, any unused one will be cleaned up on the 5th of May.

How to get Lunarfury Armour?

1. If you are wearing the cosmetic override pieces, you can train Mining or Runecrafting to fortify them or trade with other players.

2. You can use lunar crystals – bought with spheres or won on Treasure Hunte

3. You can unlock an improved, all-the-flashier version.

In the Lunarfury Armour interface, you can use spheres to craft any of six different outfit pieces and three two-handed weapons. Then, you’ll get a chunk of Runecrafting XP each time you do so.

In addition, If you’ve collected all the first-tier pieces, you can use leftover spheres in to earn XP in Mining or Runecrafting – up to 10,000 spheres in each skill.

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