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Lucky Dragonkin Coin is a reward

Sep-18-2017 PST

Did you find out the Lucky Dragonkin Coin change into a reward in Motherlode Maw. The reason to start from the Motherlode Maw new items. Right ,the new items including Lucky Dragonkin Coin. Increase the chance ,it's a surprise.


What is the Lucky Dragonkin Coin and How to get it?


The Lucky Dragonkin Coin is a very rare reward from th Motherlode Maw. It is used to obtain the Diddykin pet.You can obtain some new items from Motherlode Maw.In addition, you can also get it ,such as Slayer VIP Coupon, Gift for the Reaper, and Unstable Air Rune. but Lucky Dragonkin Coin as a rare reward from the Motherlode Maw, can use it into unlock the Diddykin pet.


What is the Diddykin pet?


Diddykin is a pet dragonkin,and unlocked by consuming it the lucky dragonkin coin.It is a small version of mutated Tarshak and does not need feeding. This pet only has a single growth stage.


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Enjoy your game!


Rsgoldfast Team