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LootScape thanks for all RS fans on Twitch

Nov-09-2017 PST

Thanksgiving is approaching, Do you have any person want to thanks for ? RuneScape LootScape Twitch livestream - Twitch Lootcrate will thanks for all the RuneScape Twitch viewers, and they will get you some rewards.


In order to reward and express the viewers, Jagex introduces the LootScape. Every viewer can get a small gift. Here's how to get a small gift.


1. Login to your RuneScape account;


2. Create or login to your Twitch account;


3. Accept and allow all RuneScape requests to your Twitch account;


4. Each eligible viewer within 24 hours of the LootScape enabled stream finishing will be awarded;


5. When you log in successfully, you will get rewarded.


But you have to know, the LootScape for every RuneScape stream on Tuesday and Friday. Not for Old School streams.


Finally, The new Apple Jubilee will an end at 23:59 game time on the 13th November, 2017. If you are interested, you should hurry up. This month we don't have Thanksgiving Offer, but Black Friday Sale is coming soon. It is also the way thanks for your support. More RS 3 Gold and OSRS Gold at


Rsgoldfast Team