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Latest beta update with runescape 3

Jul-18-2013 PST

With 3 Runescape update since one week, we have updated the new interface system of the test, so you can get close to the final version of preview, on July 22, will replace the version. From your feedback, we've made further improvements, the new interface system, most notably, there is a slim model, as well as some convenient to modify bank interface. Here to check the change table.

As mentioned earlier, when we announced the Runescape 3 release date, we have decided in the coming months to keep HTML5 games open beta client. RS3 continue at July 22, content of Lumbridge, an epic battle system the new interface, new music and audio system, upgrade the camera and seasonal hiscores. HTML5 beta client will continue to try, but we would recommend most players stick to existing Java version. HTML5 beta is now open to everyone, can be used for the games and the NIS, this test page, you will see three options:

JAVA: this allows you to by a stable interface for JAVA client testing system. If you want to check out the NIS, this is what we recommend. Because of this special test server running on a version, no game or loss will be reflected in the scene of the game.

HTML5: this allows you to access the new HTML5 client-side interface system by experiment. Also, what are you doing here any game will not be in the game. This enables you to access in real time through the experiment of HTML5 game client. In Google hrome C browser HTML5 testing is the best, you will need a new reasonable, high specifications of the computer. If you are not reliable with low frame rate and performance, to update your video card driver. We cannot overstate the importance of this - is HTML5 Web technology frontier, and graphics card manufacturer has only recently begun to optimize their driver. Have a look at our FAQ if you have any queries.

Please make two test version to run, and let us know your idea. Shape HTML5 client-side and new interface system, your feedback is always very important, so please continue to send to us your ideas in HTML5 and the NIS for feedback on the BBS. Thank you very much so far has been involved in the Beta program of Runescape players. We are looking forward to see you how to shape the world of Gielinor after 3 release buy rs gold !