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Last week community activities review Gods and Factions of Gielinor

Aug-19-2013 PST

Last week's podcast theme is "the gods and Gielinor faction. Join the defense department Mr Osborne's content Runescape other members of the team, they will discuss who get their support during the war of the transcendence of Lumbridge. 9 PM BST on RuneZone RuneRadio podcast aired on Thursday night. If you missed an episode, you can check out our Podbean channel, and iTunes files.

Would you brave the infamous barros brothers looking for hidden treasure? This Saturday to join RuneHQ events team, because they sought to lay brothers rest again. Look at all the details of their event thread. If you ever find events involved in last weekend, why don't you go to the thread Forumer activities per week? WFE there is always some things, they welcome all players pop up together, and join in.

Want to battle Lumbridge world events, to achieve maximum? Tip. It covered with this handy guide, introduces in detail a variety of activities, you can join and reward with Runescape Gold, you can earn Runescape Gold by yourself. Here something a little different: Runescape today "magazine's goal is to provide a new spin fan site, Runescape series of theme and style magazine article. From the run clan RS related handicraft skills, must be of interest to you. Please, prestigious biggest cloak the players might have found the biggest/game Cape Town calculator useful web site, to track their progress. How close are you?

Take a look at this beautiful covers Runescape harmonious orbit, use the alto saxophone, TaoDi, iZant. Phoenix fans will enjoy the latest photos Prezleek RS series, the first task in the woodpile. You can check out the series of other images here. Warriors Saradomin Zamorak face Xara in this great digital painting.