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Kudos Guide in OSRS


Kudos Guide in OSRS

Players are all aware that in order to enter the Fossil Island, must get more than 100 Kudos OSRS. Where to use for Kudos and how to get the Kudos ? Very important, Maybe the following can give you the answer and if you need cheap, convenient, fast and safe gold , can give you more good service.


Kudos OSRS Description


Go to the Fossil Island primary condition is you need more than 100 Kudos OSRS. And the Kudos are the rewards given to players for helping the staff of the Varrock Museum. Furthermore, In the island there are many places will use the Kudos, so than you must collecting so much of Kudos as possible.


How to get the Kudos OSRS?


You can by completing tasks to get Kudos. They are not spent, only accrue to get. When you get the Kudos, the total amount obtained will be displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. Also check the information in the northwest corner at the Museum's the first floor ,the task is completed. Here is four different ways you can get the Kudos.


1. Cleaning finds (50 Kudos)


2. Answering Orlando Smith's natural history quiz (28 Kudos)


3. Relating details of certain completed quests to historian Minas (75 Kudos)


4. Completing fossil exhibits


In the future will continue to update, more new ways to get the Kudos OSRS in Fossil Island. And then we hope you to enjoy the better, convenient, intimate service when Buy RS Gold form


Enjoy your game!


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