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Join in Summer Beach Party Activity

Aug-03-2017 PST

As Summer Beach Party starting on 31 July, there are all kinds of activities around the beach. Let me introduce to you now.


Barbeques and Grills

Barbeques and Grills are situated in the north-eastern corner of the beach. You can get Cooking experience from 3 grills and 3 large chopping boards. If you are at level 99 Cooking, you can gain 584 Cooking experience. Note that per interaction only can get experiencce twice from each skillung spot.


Beach ball rolling

You can find the Beach ball rolling in the northern area of the beach. Beach ball rolling is a funny event you roll beach balls down a slope and run after them. You are granted Agility experience by participating in this event.


Clawdia - Hourly Boss

Clawdia is located at the water-filled hole in the middle of the crater 45 minutes after every hour. You are granted the rewards if Clawdia retreats before being killed.


Coconut shy

Coconut shy is situated in the south-eastern corner. Here you can get Ranged experience relative to the type of projectile thrown and the player's Ranged level.


Hook a Duck

Here you are allowed to choose from three types of rod to use at the booth. You also can get Hunter experience, which depends on player's level in Hunter.


Palm tree farming

Around the Beach lies 16 palm trees with coconuts. You can get Farming experience and tropical coconuts.


Rock pools

You can find the rock pools on the east sidde of the beach and get Fishing experience when you catch raw tropical trout from the 4 fishing spots.


Sandcastle building

Sandcastle building is situated in the north-western corner of the beach. Building the sandcastles rewards Construction experience. You can get double experience by building the corresponding tower to the current NPC guest.


Terrorbird racing

Joining in a race across Misthalin, you can get Agility experience according to how quickly the course is finished.


Weight training

Participating in the activity, you can get Strength experience when doing one of the following four actions: Curl, Lunge, Fly and Raise.


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