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Join Fossil Island Log In Screen Competition to Win 12 Months Runescape Membership

Aug-18-2017 PST

This week Runescape brings Fossil Island log in screen competition, runes and ammunition, PvP Championship and Wilderness Wars.


Runes & Ammunition


If you have a rune pouch in inventory, it's recommended for you to pick up runes and put them into rune pouch. Talking to the Magic tutor in Lumbridge to toggle the ability to put the runes into rune pouch. While speaking to the Ranged tutor in Lumbridge to toggle the ability to have ammunition returned to their worn inventory, bolt pouch, or blowpipe when collecting.


Fossil Island Log In Screen Competition


Now it's a chance for you to excercise your creativity. The Old School log in screen works by taking this image and mirroring it. Your submissions must include "log in screen" in the subject of the email and your Runescape display name in the body of the email. Your design sent to [email protected] should attach as a JPG.


This competition ends on Monday 4th September. The winner of the competition will also receive 12 months of RuneScape Membership!


Wilderness Wars


Wilderness Wars will involve 245 soldiers led by 5 Generals. The Generals will possess incredible power with their combat skills buffed significantly allowing for the destruction of any soldier that gets in their way.


Starting off in a random area of the Wilderness, these five armies will battle it out for victory and a chance at getting their fingers on the $15,000 prize pool! There will be mutated bosses with special loot to give teams gear upgrades which will enhance their damage dramatically.


Playing on the eSports Stage at Imsomnia61 at 4pm BST Saturday 26th, or live on


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