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Jewel Hunter Meteor Surprise

Nov-07-2014 PST

There has been a relatively great deal of celestial action on Cherish Hunter this weekend, and every one of it appears to be in this article to assist enhance your cheapest skills!


Open Treasure Hunter chests among 6th Nov 00: 00 GMT to eleventh December 23: In order to get your hands on space and meteorites dust, 59 GMT! Swapping lighting fixtures and decreased celebrities correspondingly, these out-of-this-world products offer you an additional 25Percent XP than lamps or stars would! They will provide you with an extra 50% XP on top of that, adding up to a grand total of 75% more XP than you'd get from a normal lamp or star, if you use meteorites or space dust on any of your 5 lowest skills!


All gamers get at least one Essential daily, and RuneScape people get two! You may even earn far more through gameplay - just go to the wiki to learn how, and for more information on Jewel Hunter alone.Visit our charging site to get a lot more Tactics, redeem Bonds in-game, or perhaps click ‘Buy Keys’ when you are in Cherish Hunter.