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Jagex plans to update 4taa in RS

Jan-17-2018 PST

Recently, Jagex has come up with some ideas on how to add more interactive methods to replace 4taa. and what is 4taa? Here will tell you.


First, we should know the 4taa and c4taa


4taa (four tick auto-attacking) is a combat technique, using the differences between two-handed and dual wield weapon attack speeds. This technique allows you to auto attack with the speed of a dual wield tool while with the increased damage of the two-handed weapon.


c4taa (continuous four tick auto-attacking) allows a staff auto-attack to be cast each 4 ticks rather than each 7 clicks, which increases the damage per second even more. However , this technique requires much more actions for each ability.


While Jagex waits on the new additions, they will not fully support 4taa in game any longer. They plan to forbid your auto attack swing to be reset or more accurately go backwards outside of the legacy mode. Your auto attack golf swing will be delayed by 5 ticks at least while performing an ability.


All in all, do you like them and let’s look forward to a more interactive and interesting combat system under our mutual efforts. More the cheapest RS gold for sale at rsgoldfast. com.


Enjoy your game!


Rsgoldfast team