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Invention Skill Update Add Quality of Life Fixes

Jul-15-2017 PST

Invention skill has updated on January 25th, 2016. Currently it is set to release on September 2017. This update will solve unfinished parts of the skills and add quality of the life fixes.


What is Invention Skill?


Invention is a skill which allows players to disassemble items and obtain new materials. If you want to access this skill, you need levels 80 Divination, Crafting and Smithing.


How to start Invention Skill?


Speaking to Doc at the Invention Guild, north-east of the Falador Lodestone to start Invention skill.


There are six other Inventor's workbenches around Gielinor, in addition to the Invention Guild: Ardougne, furnace west of church, Dorgesh-Kaan, Oldak's laboratory, Keldagrim, anvil in western part of the Consortium building, Seers' village, anvil, Varrock, anvil south of west bank and Yanille, anvil south of bank.


Three Ways to Train Invention


There are three basic ways to train Invention:


1. Levelling equipment, afterwards, it may be siphoned to keep the equipment but give less experience, or disassembled to destroy the item and get more experience.


2. Creating gizmos, by using materials in a gizmo shell


3. Creating items, such as equipment siphons and pogo sticks


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Rsgoldfast Team