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Invention Fishing and Woodcutting General enhancements

Mar-15-2016 PST

As requested by you, it provides North American nation nice pleasure to unleash the beast of Invention onto the planet of skilling. 1st up ar Fishing and Woodcutting that have freshly received the inventor’s treatment.


From today’s update you'll be able to discover blueprints for a brand new device - the fishing rod-o-matic - furthermore as the way to create tool gizmos. you'll be able to conjointly augment your crystal and dragon hatchets and crystal rods. The crystal or dragon hatchets also can be increased from your tool belt – speak to Doc within the Invention lodge north-east of Falador for a lot of information.


The possibility of adding perks which will aid (or hinder!) your fishing and woodcutting superior skill has conjointly been additional. however will associate degree increased tool which will transport logs on to your bank sound? What a couple of fishing pole that conjointly rewards different players stood in your vicinity? It’s all there to be discovered, therefore get inventing!


Your new increased tools also will gain item XP and instrumentality levels, even as if they were increased weapons. They conjointly use considerably less charge than your invention weapons.


Today’s update has conjointly allowed for a couple of wholesale enhancements to Invention, including:


    Charge drain has been shrunken by 100 percent for everything

    Invention XP gained by disassembling and siphoning levelled instrumentality is currently scaled to item tier - you get V-day a lot of XP for tier ninety and V-day less for level seventy

    A brand new device - the Augmentation dissolving agent - permits you to get rid of augmentations from instrumentality


For a full list of Invention updates, furthermore as all different things enclosed during this update, see the patch notes.


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