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Intruction to the new Starfire and Starfury Weapons of Runescape

Apr-27-2013 PST

The Gielinor miners found a mysterious new elements: starlight ore, and more precious and rare starborn diamond. Is the most important thing, monsters have started dropping the blueprint of starfire weapons and Runescape Gold. Mining tasks over the next 12 days, most of which will have the opportunity to dig ore to make these new weapons. Blueprint can be obtained from most monsters, and membership in the diamond mining chance you get. You can also pick up the starlight mine, blueprints and starborn diamonds on the Squeal of Fortune in this period of time.

Artisan workshops of Eva can create new weapons for you, in return for the ore and blueprint. If you are a Runescape member, he can be for any of your starfire was embedded in a starborn diamond, upgrade to a startling starfury weapons.

On May 20, on Monday, any unused ore, blueprint and diamond will disappear from the game. Before this week, you will be reminded in the game.