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Introduction to members only straegy of Vorago


Introduction to members only straegy of Vorago

A rumbling from Falador northern mountainous areas, this could mean only one thing: a breakthrough proportion of boss war! Vorago is a foresee a future of Gielinor ancient, confusion and conflict. He wants to improve their limit in the battle to avoid any possible disaster, he need to face is the best fighter in the world. Think you can and Vorago face to face? Northern Falador cave, more open pavlik type of the east of the house. Vorago is one of the most difficult enemy of RuneScape, so to bring you the best equipment. You should also call on friends, many high grade and high equipment you will need all the help you can get!

Click into the Borehole (Vorago nests) will give you some options: how do you want to continue to your world into public version drilling, setting up a private instance to join an existing instance or recombination you fight before. Please note that only a public battle in a game in the world, so the quickest way to enter the battle is to start or join an instance with a friend. You choose to enter, however, you need to challenge Vorago once you inside.

Vorago the earliest time, you will need to speak, and through the necessary dialogue options, but after that you can use right click on the "challenge" option. Once a player to challenge, as many as 50 players nearby (also qualified to challenge, to complete the dialogue with Vorago) will be giving them to choose whether or not to join. 20 seconds later, the initial challenge, Vorago will to accept players attack - a total of 50000 points of damage attack by players together. Damage mitigation capacity will not be able to work properly, you will have to endure the pain, but the prelude to survive is just beginning, fight going on!

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