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Instruction to the new Runescape 3


Instruction to the new Runescape 3

Runescape 3 launched two days before, it is really good, we see so many players to join. In this article, I will discuss how we respond to your comments and feedback, and let you know we have a plan for the future. But first, please accept our heartfelt thanks to the incredible reaction so far. Have Lumbridge battle, interface layout exchanged between BBS and social media, and in the new seasonal hiscores some fierce competition, an incredible amount of more than 20 million votes. And that's just for starters!

On Monday to see the person who had a huge surge, regardless of whether they are current, new and returning players. With such a big update, and a large number of players to participate in, there are some technical barriers, such as debris instance become overloaded and load problem at the first time release. Team and get these things sorted, so we thank you for your understanding and support.

Lumbridge battle, is the foundation of the RS3 launch content of Lumbridge campaign has been the focus of the talk too much - choose which side review, discuss the legend of the god and guess what will happen next. Balance - battlefield world events has been very popular, and the primary area is often full of players, so we want to make some changes, to further improve the balance of egg laying rate and repair the bottleneck. We will also be reintroduced to improve instantiation system management of population and resources is better, if it gets very busy. XP - questions about price, from the world of festival activity rate of XP - remember XP, you can make the most of light incident from XP quartermaster. Overall, these are balanced, in a very competitive, compared with the rate of other activities.

About other god - Lumbridge battle was the first event, the world's sixth age and others will follow up later this year. First world events are designed to be intense and focused, but we have plans to get wider and quite different in the future. Event results - at the moment there is a clear, so it is a give up the conclusion? Absolutely not! There is still a long way to go, many of the changes will appear, we have yet to see how many players will switch sides collected two sets of reward. It is notable that, in the end, will only affect the result of the story, so the winning side, will not affect your reward - so follow your heart:)

Overall the NIS have received really good, but it is fair to say that there have been some temporary problems, for some players, lack of familiarity with disturbing. We are very happy to with the fundamentals of NIS, but is not to say that cannot further improve, and in your feedback, we will continue to listen to and development of the system. In the future, we have got great improvement plan task log, Banks and GE interface or something like that, we will listen to your advice, every step of the way. Now we are focus on ironing kink, and then move our attention, we will according to your feedback to improve - I will list some of the following:

Small screen - your feedback stressed that the smaller screen resolutions are not getting as much as possible, as long as you want to NIS. We already have some idea to improve, and start to work on them soon.

Familiar with - although existence presupposition which RS2 imitate layout, there are still some differences, how it works. Although we are not going to make any radical changes to the NIS, we think we can find a way to make it feel more familiar with those who like the previous system. F keys - this means that we are unable to realize rebind the F key emission limits, but we can add to the long term, this will be something.

What is next? For the next few weeks, we should focus on feedback, improvement and repair any reel off raw silk from cocoons problem is not from the launch. August is going to be another epic RUNESCAPE every day... MOD mark will reveal all the behind-the-scenes newspost next week, but it will involve the next, namely the sixth age pursuit, a kind of new skills and to upgrade the new fantastic rewards loyalty programs with Runescape Gold!

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