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Infernal Cape Design Update

Apr-27-2017 PST

Jagex has released the design for the much-anticipated Infernal Cape On 20th April. However, based on player's suggestion, he has some technical limitations with this design, such as Lighting in Old School and The New Design. Here we will introduce the details about how he faced with.


Lighting in Old School


Have you observed the back of characters in Runescape? The back of all character appear shadowed because all characters are lit from the front. Then, Jagex has made some changes on the Fire Cape, which is This is quite a dim, slightly desaturated cape when worn. The main limitation Jagex has met when creating the Infernal Cape. It is not a easy job with a limited range of colours.


The New Design


With the new Infernal Cape design, Jagex has darkened the rocks which float in the lava, which is brighter and a bit more of the glow when looking for. In addition, Jagex has added a jewelled obsidian trim to the bottom of the cape in response to those of you who felt the original design was too basic.


The Infernal Cape is a reward that only the best of adventurers will obtain, and therefore must symbolise significant courage and determination.


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