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In the event more than a dead podcasts

Aug-03-2013 PST

Another week, another great over the dead podcasts. Dead fans can look forward to MODS osborne, crows and Moltare chat talk big points in the last few weeks of the battle of Lumbridge.

We are glad to see that there has been much the friendly garbage on the battlefield, hundreds of memes and trying to prove who is the most worth fighting for. As said, let's see what MODS said the design and development of world events.

If you are curious about the pantheon of Gielinor and changes may be on the horizon, or if you want to know whether the person Lumbridge cavern will always be in their town, listen to the winner on this podcast. Defense osborne and his guests are fully on fire, in it, to discuss everything from Zamorak beard Guthix recurrent selection.

In short, this is another must listen to the podcast! Accordingly, if you missed it RuneRadio Thursday night at 9 o 'clock, you can still download and/or listen to it at your leisure, both in our official Podbean page or iTunes.

Don't forget to adjust for the next winner podcasts in two weeks, when the defense department Mr Osborne and his guests gathered to discuss a new skill: divination crystal ball!

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